NST Pro Downloads
Weekly: 34-SNAPSHOT
  • This is an automatic SNAPSHOT build of the NST 34 release.
  • It is produced by a cronjob about once a week.
  • It is built from the current state of the repo/34 branch of the freely available NST source code which is a little behind, but more stable than the dev/34 branch.
  • IMPORTANT: This is a fully automated build. There is no guarantee that it will boot. By downloading, you are willing to be the first beta-tester of the build (on the plus side, you won't need to build it yourself).
ISO (64 bit)
File: nst-34-SNAPSHOT.x86_64.iso
Size: n/a
MD5: n/a
2021-08-07: 34-12783
  • This is an interim release of the NST 34 ISO image using Fedora 34 as the base.
  • This interim release cleans up some issues related to UEFI booting found in the initial 34-12743 release.
ISO (64 bit)
File: nst-34-12783.x86_64.iso
Size: 4,816,852,992
MD5: 0e3c7942dd664f2331ca551a4923aeca
2021-02-15: 32-12419
  • This is a NST 32-12419 ISO image using Fedora 32 as the base. It includes package updates since the original release of NST 32.
ISO (64 bit)
File: nst-32-12419.x86_64.iso
Size: 4,404,363,264
MD5: d71130dd7dde7523e2ca562981230853