Access Open Source Network Security Tools
  • Enterprise-grade network security toolkit for the security professional and network administrator.
  • Comprehensive set of open source network and security applications pre-built and ready for use.
  • Full package management capabilities with access to the NST RPM repository and ISO releases.
  • Full source code available for the NST distribution.
The NST Web User Interface (WUI)
  • Access and manage the tools on the NST system remotely using your web browser.
  • Common tasks performed quickly with just a few button clicks.
  • In-line help using DOM tool tips and NST Wiki How-To docs.
  • Generate geolocation maps using network security applications.
Flexible Boot Options
  • Boot directly (Live) from DVD media or a USB flash drive.
  • Install from DVD or USB flash drive to disk.
  • Boot or install from the NST ISO image in a Virtual Machine to perform network security analysis tasks, validation and network/system monitoring on enterprise servers hosting virtual machines.
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